Citizens for Healing Statement of Purpose

Citizens for Healing is an all-volunteer group which seeks to change the name of Kelseyville, California located in Big Valley on the western shore of Clear Lake.

The History

Kelseyville was officially named by the Board of Supervisors in 1882 to honor pioneer Andrew Kelsey who was executed by Big Valley's Xalanapo tribe. History reveals Samuel, Benjamin, and Andrew Kelsey committed numerous atrocities against Big Valley's Xalanapo, Xabenapo and Lupyomi people along with other Northern California tribes. Andrew Kelsey's justifiable execution was directly responsible for the massacre of Upper Lake's Danoxa tribe by the U.S. Army at Bonopoti (Bloody Island). The Kelseys were indicted for capital crimes committed against various tribes and pioneers alike, but they evaded State and Federal prosecution.

Considering the historic record, Citizens for Healing contends that naming a town after the Kelsey Brothers was unwarranted and disrespectful towards residents of Lake County. This town's name insults the tribal community, shames local pioneer descendants and current residents. Citizens for Healing insist the name of Kelseyville must be changed.

The Goals of Citizens for Healing

  • We intend to rename Kelseyville by way of a County of Lake Ballot Initiative in 2022.

  • We plan to engage the entire community in the renaming process, particularly residents and educators as well as tribal and business administrators.

  • We will honor Ancestors and descendants of the Lake County tribes by formally acknowledging the local history full of slavery, exclusion and genocide.

Citizens for Healing strives to initiate a healing process and launch a new era of co-operation and education among the various communities of Lake County. Together we can do this.

The Motto of Citizens for Healing is:

Change Leads to Healing & Healing Leads to Change.