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I have analyzed the transcript of the Kelseyville Unified School District meeting of May 7, 2024, and show conclusively that it was "Save The Name" who politicized the event because the Land Acknowledgement resolution would be detrimental to our Save Kelseyville cause." See kvusd-response.php
This is an addendum to the short and long histories. The main new item is that in 1875 the "prominent people" of Lake County petitioned to have ALL natives removed to Round Valley. The order was revoked at the last minute "greatly to the regret of the people of Lake County." See af-hist-addendum.php

The following have already been submitted to the BGN, but they are new on the web page.

A comment on the Lake County Visioning Forum's final report to the BOS has been submitted to the BGN. See lcvisioning.php
"Save The Name" have claimed that if the Zip code is changed to Konocti, then everyone will have to file a change of address for drivers licenses, credit cards, banks and the like. This is false. We have found reliable evidence (and are asking the BGN and USPS for clarification) that NO CHANGE IS REQUIRED. The Old and New names will both be legal addresses.
The "Save The Names" group has a web page "The Name Kelsey", which makes several claims based on their view of the history. In particular, they claim that the name "Kelseyville" materialized out of nowhere when the Post Office was renamed, and that it is actually named after some, unspecified, "good" Kelsey.

We show that the town is undoubtedly named after the evil Andy, and was in fact established as "The Town of Kelseyville" assessor district , by a County Judge, on May 6, 1871. See stnk-knames.php

Get Involved

The most important thing you can do to help change the name is to send an email of support to the Board on Geographic Names. See the Get Involved Page, which also has links to our Facebook Page and our online petition.


Citizens for Healing has petitioned the US Board on Geographic Names to change the name of Kelseyville to Konocti.

The unique name of Konocti honors our beautiful mountain and the native people who have lived in sight of it for fourteen thousand years. The beautiful name "Konocti" evokes images of nature, art, music, spirituality, and recreation.

The town of Kelseyville was named after Andrew Kelsey. However, historic records reveal that this same man and his brothers enslaved, brutalized, raped, starved, and murdered many local natives.

Giving the town a new name will create a more healing environment for the whole county.

Elders from all seven tribes in Lake County have given their approval of the new name Konocti.

Summary: Who, Why and How

Citizens for Healing (C4H) is a local group of volunteers who came together to change the name of the town of Kelseyville to Konocti. See our About Page

The core of our formal proposal is on our Why Page The full proposal and status is on the Documents Page The procedure is on the How Page

Our case has been referred to the California Advisory Committee on Geographic Names (CACGN) which solicits input from diverse local groups. Input from the Board of Supervisors, and all Lake County Tribes has also been requested. The CACGN then sends a recommendation to the BGN, which makes the final decision.


Working Group Sunday July 14, 2024 4 - 6 pm

At Dallas's house in Upper Lake.
No public meetings are planned at this time.