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Citizens for Healing is petitioning the US Board on Geographic Names to change the name of Kelseyville to Konocti.

The unique name of Konocti honors our beautiful mountain and the native people. It evokes images of nature, art, music, spirituality, and recreation

The Lake County Board of Supervisors named the town ‘Kelseyville’ after Andrew Kelsey. However, historic records reveal that this same man enslaved, brutalized, raped, starved, and murdered many local natives.

Giving the town a new name will create a more healing environment for the whole county.

Elders from all seven tribes in Lake County have given their approval of the new name Konocti.

Who, Why and How

Citizens for Healing (C4H) is a local group of volunteers who came together to change the name of the town of Kelseyville to Konocti. See our About Page

The first C4H meeting was held in Pioneer Park in Kelseyville on October 12, 2020, Indigenous Peoples Day, and we have been meeting every month since then. We have held public informational meetings all round the lake.

We were originally informed that the name change would be by county-wide ballot, but it turns out that it must be done through the Federal Board On Geographic Names.

A draft of our formal proposal is on our Why Page

The procedure is on our How Page

For more background information see our Documents Page


We are currently finishing the application, so no meetings are planned.