BGN Cover Letter

October 19, 2023

 To:  United States Board on Geographic Names Domestic Names Committee

 Greetings Committee Members,

 I am submitting a proposal to change the name of Kelseyville to Konocti, California.

I have lived in Kelseyville for almost twenty years.  The town is currently thriving economically due in a large part to the leadership provided by the Kelseyville Business Association (KBA) and the work of local volunteers.  We have free street dances in the summertime and three large festivals each year. 

 The one dark cloud hanging over this country town is that it is named for Andy Kelsey.  As you read the history it will become clear to you just how evil he was.  

 I have been working closely with others to submit this proposal.  Many people agree that the name Kelseyville is offensive.  However, I also believe the name to be derogatory. 

 A couple of months ago, there was a post on social media regarding the name change.  There were many comments made, both for and against the name change, but one comment in particular stood out to me.  They wrote, “We won.  Get over it.”  The ongoing designation of the name Kelseyville is a reminder that the will of the settlers is more important than the pain of original inhabitants of our area, making the name overtly derogatory. 

 I am aware that it is no small thing to change the name of a populated place, but I feel this change will have a strong, positive impact on my community.  Thank you for your consideration of the name change. 


 Lorna Sue Sides

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