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GG 1853

George Gibbs

Accompanied Reddick McKee 1851, first recorded report This is sometimes referred to as "Schoolhouse", where it was published. Heizer copy. Gibbs/Heizer
JM 1853 John McKee 1851 Treaty.

Treaty p21 [pdf 23]

Minutes kept by John McKee

SP 1877 Stephen Powers

Report on the Tribes of California.

"In order to study their customs I travelled among them the greater part os the summers of 1871 and 1872, and lived many months in sufficient proximity to their villages."

Powers: Report on the Tribes of California

p146 Ch XVI [Russian/Eel River] Pomo

p204 Ch XXII Kabinapek [Habenapo] Clear Lake Pomo

p204 Ch XXII The Makh'-el-chel. [Elem]

Orthography : Smithsoniam miscellaneous collections 160

HM   Mauldin The Mauldin Files (Web version) Mauldin Files
The index cards are in Word .DOC files. The scanned text is in a .PDF file for each volume. Some are too large to be viewed online, and must be downloaded. The quality of the scans varies greatly. The general reference format is PAGE-LINE.
B   Bancroft Map p451 (not much on Lake) Bancroft Quoted by Palmer
LP 1881 Lyman Palmer (Slocum) Main source for the mid 1800's. The historian is "Lyman Palmer", but it is published by "Slocum, Bowen and Co".
There are separate sections for Napa and Lake.
Lake Section

Mexican Grants p41

Indians of Lake County p23

General History and Settlement p47

Big Valley Township (Lakeport and Kelseyville). p157

Kelseyville p183
SB 1908 Samuel Barrett All the names of Lake County,

Barrett refers to "Powell" as "Slocum". He calls the languages dialects. He hardens "X" to "K".

The ethno-geography of the Pomo (full document)

Alphabet and Pronunciation p51.

Explanation of "Pomo" p118

Eastern (Pomo) Dialect p182 (Summary, with footnote on Konocti

Big Valley Names p185 "South Valley" and Kala'mai (SW Pomo)

Big Valley Pomo p191 with the diversion of Kelsey Creek into Cole Creek

Clear Lake Wappo p275

Barrett Map

EG1 1923 Edward Gifford Pomo Lands

Pomo Lands on Clear Lake

EG2 1925 Edward Gifford Pomo Society Clear Lake Pomo Society
AK 1925 Alfred Kroeber   Kroeber 1925 Handbook
RH 1973 Robert Heizer   Collected Documents on the Causes and Events of the Bloody Island Massacre of 1850
SM1 1977 Sally McLendon cf 1978 Handbook Sketch of the Eastern Pomo and their neighbors (An expanded version of the Handbook chapter)
SM2   Sally McLendon Pomo Word List (and pronunciation guide).

A Brief Word List of Eastern Pomo

More word lists at Big Valley Pomo

SM3   Sally McLendon Mentioned in section on Pomo Langauges California Indian Languages

(This is a limited preview).
HML 1978 Heizer, McLendon, Lowy California Handbook Handbook of North American Indians - Vol 2 California
i-xii: Structure and Orthography
1-127: General discussion
274-288 Pomo Overview
306-323 Eastern and Southeastern Pomo
690-693 Trade and Trails
JP3 1994 John Parker

PhD Thesis - Dots on a map
ACI 1997 Advisory Council on CA Indians Special Circumstances of the California Indians
KJD 2003 Kimberly Johnston- Dodds Early California Laws and Policies Related to California Indians
EE 2011 Evan Elliott Trails Trails_Tribelets_and_Territories

p108 The Trail Network
JP1 2012 John Parker California Disaster The_Kelsey_Brothers_A_California_Disaster
JP2 2012 John Parker 20,000 years 20_000_Years_of_Cultural_Change_in_Clear_Lake_Basin
KE 2021 Kevin Engle Act of Survival An Act of Survival
BVP 2022 Big Valley Pomo Big Valley Pomo Online Resources